Cutie Language Corner

Our Language Program

Established in 2021, Cutie Language Corner (CLC) was initiated as a division of Cutie Cottage Education Group. CLC aim to develop and fine tune our Chinese and BM teaching and learning materials. It is unique in the sense that the team focus on program / lesson plans that are age-appropriate and suitable for very young learners.  This is to help very young children achieve the best possible results. Young children learn from multisensory where teachers create and design the class with various visual aids, hands on activities that is fun to engage young children.

CLC is committed to provide quality learning experiences, as such the classes continue to find new ways to engage students depending on the child’s interest and needs

CLC provide a good head start exposing young children to 3 major languages in Malaysia. The 4 areas in language development include Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing

We are passionate in helping and preparing our young children from as young as 3 years old to learn multiple languages in this multi-lingual society.

Chinese Read & Write

This program is suitable for young children who have intention to join SJK(C). Not only speaking and listening, students will learn 汉语拼音(Chinese phonetics), 笔顺和笔画 (Chinese strokes and sequences), vocabulary for common expression starting with 1 word vocabulary, to 2 words phrases and later forming sentences and paragraph.

chinese language

International Chinese Youth Chinese Test – YCT

This program is suitable for children who are from non-Chinese speaking families and wish to learn Chinese as a second language. YCT focuses on speaking and listening, preparing the child for daily conversation. CLC creates effective teaching materials to support YCT Chinese Program. This exam is recognized by the examination board of the Chinese Government. YCT has 6 levels, after completing Level 6, the student shall proceed to HSK Level 4.

BM Enhancement

This program is suitable for children who are from non-Malay speaking families. Parents who wish to prepare their children before attending local government school (Sekolah Kebangsaan or Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan) may join this program.