2019 BabyTalk MamaPapa Award

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The Best Thing Next To A Mother’s Own Care

Cutie Cottage® Baby & Child Care Centre has gained acknowledgement among working moms of babies and little children who desire nothing but the best care for their precious children during their absence. The centre was founded by Ms Yew Tian Tian, an advocate of breastfeeding who sees value in establishing daycare centres nearer to office buildings. As so, parents are more than welcome to provide their own expressed breast milk, or, walk in to feed their babies. Cutie Cottage® is run by a team of professionals whose dedication and care are reflected through the transparency of this lauded centre.

In terms of development of the little ones under their care, the centre offers Montessori-inspired activities, based upon the England Curriculum, Early Year Foundation Stage, catering to the seven areas of learning and developmental needs of very young children. With the support and cooperation of acclaimed brands in the early childhood care and education (ECE) industry Cutie Cottage® is firmly rooted as a sought after childcare centre.